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The Feng Shui Ninjas have requested that people who have their latest album review it on their blogs. And maybe some of you are wondering about this band I keep going to see. So here goes:

I will attempt to describe the indescribable: the Feng Shui Ninjas, in particular, their album Home Shuriken Kit (in case of emergency, throw this disc).

The Feng Shui Ninjas (Dave Stagner, John Kentner, Justin Hartley and Tami Murck) play an unusual assortment of songs in an unusual assortment of genres on an unusual assortment of instruments (no bass guitar, sparse on drums, but including accordion, banjo, assorted noisemakers and Oh My God What Is That Thing). You might expect this to sound gimmicky or forced, but it does not. It all comes together wonderfully. Their originals are at worst amusing and at best brilliant, and their cover tunes are always musically very true to the originals while still doing something new with them.

Brief descriptions of the songs on this album, though you should really just go listen to them:

Horror Movie - they call this "a song about inappropriate role models". A catchy song with an atmosphere of suspense.

Eponymous - A funny song from the point of the view of the troll under the bridge. The Ninjas generally start every live show with this one. Once at the Wild Tymes a waitress came up and asked what movie it was from. No movie, its an original, she'd heard it the last time they played there.

Video Killed the Radio Star - An excellent cover of the first song played on MTV. One example of the Ninjas taking very synthetic tunes and playing them acoustically (another is Tainted Love which sadly remains unrecorded). My 9-year old is crazy about it.

Ruins (Year of the Cat Revisited) - Ever listen to Al Stewart's Year of the Cat and wonder whatever happened to the guy in the song? This is a response song about that guy's life a few years later, and a beautiful song in its own right.

Frustration - A goofy campfire song about spontaneous human combustion. Has some good lines, and pops into my mind when I'm tired and my brain isn't working well "my brains are on fire and I don't know why"

Mad Tom of Bedlam - A kick-ass, fast, foot stomping electric version of an old old folk tune.

Echoes - and then we slow down with a cover of a very early Pink Floyd tune. But not slowed down that much - its still less than a quarter the length of the original.

Carousel State of Mind - Um, sort of a song about insanity and one's mind being boggled by the world, and riding a circus carousel?

Three Suitors, No Refunds - Tami writes clever, catchy, foot-tapping songs. This is a great one about her dating experiences.

Poem (Who, us?) - As the title says, its a poem (with well-placed sound effects) about the idea of Feng Shui Ninjas sneaking into your house and subtly rearranging things.

Killing Time - Another catchy Tami song, about killing time waiting around on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Or (depending on who you ask) about murdering a whole dimension.

Into the West - This is a lovely cover of the song that Annie Lennox sings at the end of the second Lord of the Rings movie.

Reprise (Mad Tom of Bedlam) - A little acoustic instrumental reprise to finish things off.

Particular favorites of mine on this album are:
originals: Ruins, Three Suitors No Refunds, Killing Time
covers/traditional: Video Killed the Radio Star, Mad Tom of Bedlam, Echoes


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Oct. 21st, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
They are awesome band to listen to. Look forward to their next concert. :)
Oct. 21st, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
They sound like lots of fun!
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