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Dark Comedy Alert: The Liverwurst Story

Liverwurst always made me think of my grandma, because she made me liverwurst sandwiches when I was little. But these past few years, it also makes me think of Tom.

Tom had a strange sort of bad habit with liverwurst, which he didn't seem to have with any other food he liked. He'd crave liverwurst, buy a package at the SuperValu (or even two packages if it was on sale), make one liverwurst sandwich, eat it, and then let the rest of it sit in the fridge until it went bad. And then, a few months later, he'd do it again.

One day I went grocery shopping with him, and he picked up some liverwurst. I reminded him of what always happened. He promised that this time, it wouldn't. He wouldn't make the one sandwich then let the rest rot, he'd remember to eat it.

Later that day, he made one liverwurst sandwich. He never made another. Under the circumstances, I won't hold it against him. He died the next day.

This is the story I find it easiest to tell about Tom's death, though I can also say many other little details about the day before he died, when I last saw him. But it really doesn't answer any questions about his death. Next entry I'll try to tell the harder story. But I still feel like there isn't any real answer.


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Nov. 2nd, 2005 03:52 am (UTC)
Food and the dying.
I can't pass by brie in the groccery store without thinking of Rachael.

It never fails. I see fine cheeses, I think of her.

For the first month I couldn't go through the groccery store without seeing something that reminded me of a time we shared together.

The day of the dead is a hard day no matter when, where or how.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 05:34 pm (UTC)
I don't know that there's ever any answer. We live and we die. One of my teachers said that if you had to reduce life down to a single purpose, it would be to prepare for death.

That might sound gloomy if you believe that death is the end (I don't), but what he meant was, let's make good use of our time.
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