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Thursday evening: Saw Cake in concert at Northrup. Lots of fun. Up late again.

Friday evening: Had dinner with Brian(tullytime on OkCupid), saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie. Lots of fun, love the "so long and thanks for all the fish" song. Hitchhikers has been in so many forms (radio show, books, bbc miniseries) that I don't mind that the movie is different because they all are diferrent from each other, and all a product of Douglas Adam's vision. Then Matt and I both stayed up late chatting online with people. But Matt needs little sleep.

Saturday: Got up in the morning for some reason I don't remember, but I had a nap later on Matt's porch under blankets. Brian made pizza and had Matt and I over for dinner, yum, then we went to a housewarming party. That was fun, but Brian had been up late a bunch lately same as me, but without benefit of nap, and also drank more, so ended up going a bit idiotic and then passing out. With some difficulty we woke him up to take him home, after which he was lucid but not in great shape. He won't be drinking again for awhile.

Sunday: Mayday parade adventures! Matt and I went back and forth on the idea of going, I got out of bed too late and was very grumpy and stressed. We decided to go and were happy again. Near the parade we parked the car and after walking a half block or so, Matt decided it was warmer than he'd expected, took off his jacket and put it back in the car. As we walked the next few blocks, the sun retreated behind a cloud, snow started falling and he realized he'd been dumb. He went back to get his jacket, telling me to meet him at Eric's (a friend who lives right on the park where the parade ends). I walked on to the parade route and along it, not knowing the quicker more direct way to Eric's. When I got to the park I realized I was on the wrong side of it, and circled. I eventually got to Eric's and met him, and he said Matt had called and was looking for me, but now wasn't answering his cellphone. We went upstairs and tried again, and arranged to meet him at a spot near the end of the parade route. We met up in time to catch most of the parade. We each could have seen it all, but we wouldn't have found each other. And that was what was important to us at the moment, we realized. Being together.

Matt took pictures of the parade, and afterwards we got some booth-food and then went to Eric's to talk, admire his suit of Roman armor, and watch an episode of the Tick (the animated, not live action) That's most of that story (that for public consumption anyway, Matt and I did a bunch of relationship/house plan talking). Later stayed up late talking to Brian on the phone.

Monday: woke up too late, but managed to finally go to the rental office when someone was actually there (had tried twice during their supposedly open hours last week) and stock up on laundry tokens. Work was very busy. I realized I had two DVDs from the library that were absolutely due Wednesday, and that became my evening plans (aside from laundry). Monster and Before Sunrise. Brian watched Before Sunrise with me and we stayed up too late again.

Today work was busy again and I got a haircut after work (three inches to get those damn split ends, my hair is now back up above my nipples, tho just barely) then did more laundry and tried to catch up with people on the internet. Now I'd better try to go to bed soon.


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May. 5th, 2005 11:57 am (UTC)
I'm sorry I missed the cake show. They are so rocking... we saw the bus at the U., debated staying, and ultimately decided to come home to pack.
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