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Weird Neighbor Noise Meme

grimalkinrn started it, with a post about a stereo war with her upstairs neighbor. Then phoenixredux had his own story, which he started to write in comments, then realized it was long enough to be its own post. I found myself doing the same. So I declare it a meme: Write the story of the weirdest problem of noise and neighbors you've had.

I've always been tolerant to neighbors throwing loud parties cause I'd rather have that than neighbors who get pissed at a little noise.

That said, I once lived in an apartment adjacent to an apartment where the guy would, bizarrely, listen to movie scores on repeat all night. Not movies, just the scores. No dialogue, no rock songs added in, just the incidental background music. At least that's my best guess as to what they were, and a visitor once recognized what movies that night's score was from.

These were played loud enough for me to hear in the next apartment (though not really noise-complaint loud), and it DROVE ME CRAZY to hear the dull, repetitive music at 3am or whenever. Occcasionally I'd bang on his door, and he'd ignore me, and I never caught him coming in or out. I don't even know what he looked like. I vaguely suspect he wasn't even there sometimes, maybe he worked an odd shift and wanted noise to make it sound like someone was home or some insane idea like that (considering this was the middle of the night when you wouldn't expect any damn noise). He eventually moved out and a crazy girl moved in. But she's another story, and a quieter one.


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