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It feels like its time for an update but the weekend is all ablur in my mind. Not that there's anything I don't remember, it's just not very organized in there. Yesterday I tried some absinthe with Perruche and my body clearly does not like it - nothing dramatic, just a few clear signals. Ah well, merely something I was curious about. Also went to that Thai restaurant in Dinkytown and had my favorite sweet and sour rainbow trout, and walked by the river.

Day before that was Joe and Erica's lovely wedding at the James J. Hill Reference Library, not as weird a location as you might think, it's actually the second wedding I've been to there in the past year. I have been realizing lately that every time Matt and I go to a friend's wedding, he is either photographing it or in it, so I don't get a lot of time with him. It's nice to have your sweetheart close when you go to a wedding. But we did dance a bit (though at one point he was dancing with a giant camera still in his hand), and he dropped by the table a few times, and I brought him water a few times. I enjoyed hanging out with other freinds there, anyhow.

Day before that I did things around the apartment, went over to Brian's for yummy pizza dinner, then went to see Matt and spend the night. I felt super ultra guilty, because Matt had interpreted my "How 'bout I come over a little later" as that I was coming over soon, when I meant it as I definitely wanted to come over later at some unspecified time, and when I called later before coming over, he had been waiting for me and hadn't had any dinner. We cuddled up and talked about us and about moving in together, which we had needed to do, and that was good. We have been back and forth over whether we will buy a house together, or if he will buy it and I will pay rent. A few days ago I called him up just to say hello, and he was at a computer client and couldn't talk long, but he started up the conversation on this though we didn't have time to really discuss it then, and it bugged me. I hate just starting a big deal conversation when there isn't time for it, and then it's cut off and it's running through my head ineffectively. I don't think it's finished even now, but we've gone over how we feel and aren't in any real disagreement, we're just neither of us sure what's going to happen or what we want.

And we're back to Friday night, Erica's bachelorette party at the Red Dragon: booze, noise and conversation, that pretty much sums it up.


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