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The Karaoke Virgin

Last Saturday night I went to karaoke with Brian and Jeff , at a place called Elsie's in NE Mpls. They didn't have a lot of space or selection (though Brian says the selections still much better than in Iowa City) but it was fun. Brian made the mistake of pointing out that they had the Bloodhound Gang song THE BALLAD OF CHASEY LAIN, and telling me about the song. So I of course begged him to get up and sing it.

The lyrics, if you're not familiar with the song

Then we found out from the karaoke guy that there was some problem with the system and the lyrics wouldn't come up for the SG songs, of which that was one. But Brian went on the internet with his fancy phone/pda/thing and got the lyrics and talked to the guy to do it anyway. Then, when it was all arranged, he started to sober up and get nervous, and told us he'd never actually sung karaoke before, which we hadn't known. I said it was a song that probably didn't have to be done well anyway, since it was funny.

The karaoke guy then had trouble finding the song, since he never used the ones the lyrics were broken on. But in the end, Brian got up and sang it. He did get mixed up and skip a verse, but I loved it anyway, especially the chorus. I was very proud of Brian on his first karaoke experience. I wouldn't want to sing a song without the lyrics in front of me even if I knew the lyrics, it's hard to know when to sing sometimes otherwise.


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