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learning some new activities

I start taking a tai chi class at the Y tonight. I've been wanting to learn it for ages. There's something about the idea of a meditative martial art really appeals to me. I've never really gotten into any organized meditation because I don't find it difficult to calm my mind in good circumstances. The difficult thing is finding that calm in hectic circumstances, when you're upset and your mind-of-the-moment doesn't WANT to be calm, which a lot of meditation techniques don't touch very well, and something like tai chi seems right for that.

I've been teaching myself to knit from a book and from various internet how-tos. (I am starting a scarf that will be wide stripes of nice blue, green and purple wool and probably experiment with the different textures that can be made with knit and purl stitches.) I like hobbies that I can pair up with other activities, keeping my hands busy while watching TV, having conversations, listening to music, etc. Knitting is a common one I hadn't learned yet (though I've been sewing since I was a small child) so I decided it was time. It's been going really well. Sure, there have been times of grumpy frustration as I tried and failed to figure things out (and I expect there will be more as I progress), but each time, once I found the right examples to look at and figured the stitches out, they swiftly became fairly natural to me. All part of the learning process, and it's important to go through it, each of us in our own ways.


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