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Today I took the day off from work and perruche_verte (who already had the day off) and I went biking (triking, in my case) around. (Also, before all the biking we went to the Russian Tea House for yummy very late breakfast.) First we rode up to Bandana Square to the model train museum which is pretty cool. Then we went to and through Como Park and Como Zoo. Then we rode downtown and went east on the bike path by Shepard Road, down to the park by Pig's Eye Lake. We rode through the park and then started thinking about heading somewhere for dinner and making our way home.

Up to this point it was a wonderful day. Then we got lost in a very hilly part of E St. Paul full of dead ends due to freeway. I was exhausted, I had to go up a bunch of hills, and the gears on my trike were acting up, they need a little spring tune up. And my bike seat needs more mending to make it stay in place. We eventually reached downtown again with a plan to go to Cossetta's for dinner. When we got there there was a long line outside the place so we kept going down W 7th. We ended up at Mancini's Char House cause we were hungry and tired. It was allright but we're not really steak people. I think maybe Mancini's also have a pasta restaurant but we were mixed up and we ended up in the area thar had little but steak. Sam had lobster tail and I had a sirloin that was supposed to be medium but was insufficiently juicy for my taste.

Then we biked home which was an allright trip. Tomorrow I do a marathon of sewing and tie-dying in order to make cute stuff for a baby shower this weekend. Tonight we have bath and watch DVD and go to bed.

EDIT: Also tonight, while watching DVD, will mend the darn tricycle seat!
EDIT 2: Too tired for DVD, went to bed instead.


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May. 10th, 2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
Coolness, byke42 also rides a trike. She bikes to work most every day in the summer.

I know all about getting lost and finding dead ends!

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