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Why I am Grenacia

A bunch of people have been doing this "how I picked my username" memes, and, though I have not been tagged nor do I intend to tag anybody, I'll write about it and you can feel free to do the same if you wish.

When I was a little kid I wrote a lot of stories. One of them, which never got finished, had a main character named Grenacia, which is a name I made up entirely. She was taking a trip to Florida on an airplane, that's about all I remember about the story which didn't get very far. I wrote it on our family's first computer, and titled it with the character's name, so it was there to notice for awhile.

Flash forward a couple decades, and I was having trouble finding a username I could use consistently all over the internet without someone having taken it (I sometimes went by Sharla (my real name) or by "Charlemagne", but those weren't sufficiently uncommon) and that I'd actually WANT to use all over the place ("SomeAlienChick" was a good username for the Star Trek BBS, but I didn't want to use it everywhere). And I didnt want to do the "add random numbers after the username" thing. So I tried to think of a totally made up name that hadn't gotten any exposure. Grenacia fit the bill, and I liked it, so I'm Grenacia in pretty much all sectors of the internet I inhabit. And I don't actually care how you pronounce it so long as its recognizeable.


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Jun. 19th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
How I got my name
I almost want to say I was too lazy to think of a name but my name came from the first e-mail account I set up when I started dating Irish.
Which was Irishsbuffy.
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